Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We do still exist.

Yes that's right we are still here in scenic Chipley Florida. I was just thinking the other day about how long it has been since we posted anything here...didn't realize it had been over a year.  Tonight I find myself in front of the computer after everyone else, including the pup has gone to sleep. Well I did get her up to go outside because if I am up she usually feels compelled to be up as well. However, she just went back to the bedroom and hopefully her bed, otherwise I am sure she is up to no good.
Alot has changed since my last post. Maggie is much taller, talking a good bit and has a ton more hair. I probably has less hair, still dealing with my health issues and otherwise just plain surly.
Tiff is doing well, she is now working at the High School in the town over from us.
Sure there is lots more to tell, but I won't get into that this evening.
I am speaking tomorrow to our college group at church and perhaps that is why I am awake now...
I think the main reason is, I inadvertently deleted some pictures off of the computer. Rest assured I have them on a disk that is currently in storage, they are also on an old hard drive that I will see if I can revive in a couple of days. Still, I wanted them now, henceforth my current distress.
Also, my allergies are in high gear today and my nose is stopped up, making sleeping an arduous task at best.
Oh well, I think I will go blow my nose and try to lay back down. Will we keep posting? Who knows, I guess  we will just have to wait and see.
Until then,I'll leave you with a couple pictures.