Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We hope that you had a blessed day to celebrate the birth of our Lord!


Dora Cake

We did a cake last weekend for a friend whose son turned one.  They wanted a Dora themed cake, but not too girly.  Here is what we came up with:

It is chocolate, chocolate chip cake with buttercream icing.  We ran out of time and were unable to make the characters, but we really want to make some out of gumpaste very soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New news

Wow, I can't believe that Christmas is just two days away - and I STILL have not finished all of my shopping.  Hmm. . . might have to get extra creative this year.  Maggie turned seven months last week and has started army crawling all over the place.  She will see the smallest piece of something on the floor and will "crawl" to it.  Usually she has one of her stackable rings in one hand, so it is quite interesting to watch her.  When we take something away from her she shouldn't have, she isn't concerned, just looks around the room to see what else she can find.  She has also learned how to drink out of a straw and lunges toward any drink she sees.  Yesterday we found her sitting up in her crib, but missed her process of getting into that position.  :(  We are so excited about Christmas this year and being able to celebrate it with her!

We went up to Louisville a couple of weeks ago.  It was a very impulsive trip and we went for several reasons.   I wanted to see my former co-workers and it was actually graduation at the seminary.  It was wonderful hanging out with old friends.  I think that has been the hardest part of moving back to Chipley for me - not having the close friends I had up there.  The graduation ceremony was wonderful - it was really different from my graduation from UF.  It was a little  bittersweet for me, as Ben and Greg started seminary the same time as Jeremy and if Jeremy hadn't of gotten sick, he would have either been there with them, or been really close.  I still don't understand why he got sick, just trusting God one day at a time.  We are very excited for Ben and Greg and their families as they take the next step in their lives!  It was also a chance for us to meet Hannah and Eva who were actually born on the same day.  We loved getting to hang out with everyone.  I think Maggie loved the babies too.  Toward the end of the week, however, I think she became a little too comfortable - she kept trying to pull Eva's socks off and eat them! She loved playing with Skeeter, he would actually play with her and not just keep a wide berth like Cole.  Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend:
All of the guys with their girls

Hannah, Eva and Maggie
 Eva and Maggs

Skeeter and Maggie playing tug-of-war
This week has been wonderful being off of work.  I have been able to sleep in and spend so much time with Jeremy and Maggie. I really think I am going to be spoiled after being off for two weeks.
It is getting late and I probably need to start getting ready for bed, tomorrow will be another busy day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Follow me to 7 Chicks

7 Chicks is a blog that we usually read and for the month of December they are having 25 Days of Chickmas.  They are having contest,  sharing fantastical  recipes and just celebrating this wonderful time of year. These are wonderful ladies who have a great blog. If you don't already read it, you need to. So follow me to 7 Chicks!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Couple Random Thoughts...

    Ahh Christmas again, it is a great time of year.  Christmas decorations are up and a chill is in the air, even here in sunny Florida, of course I could live without the chill, but oh well.  For the past, oh I don't know how long, people have been attacking Christmas as a holiday.  The craziest was just the other day on Fox and Friends, I couldn't find the interview on the FOX news site, but I found a link to it on a blog here on blogger.  The gist of it is an atheist leader, was on concerning the sign up in Washington State talking about how there is no God, angels, devils and such and promoting having a winter solstice holiday instead of Christmas. Anyway, he goes on to say that Christians stole the season from human beings and that we are doomed, cept he used the other d word unless we bow down in front of that little baby. So much irony here.  First, as the blog I linked to points out, isn't winter solstice a pagan holiday? If you really stuck to atheism as I have heard it defined wouldn't you just ignore everything about Christmas and even go to work on the days that everybody else gets off? Also, Jesus came to set humanity free, not rob it of anything.  Lastly, if you do bow down and worship said plastic figurine that in of itself is idolatry!
    I am all for having nativity out and about.  I have been in a couple 'live' scenes myself and I am all for anything symbolic that might make someone, maybe a child ask about the Savior.  We have two nativity scenes in our house, we were given the willow tree set last year for Christmas.  However, as with anything else I think you do have to be careful about worshiping the Savior as opposed the symbol, of course this should be applied to all Christian symbolism.     
    Now if you don't agree with the nativity or with Christmas for that matter that is entirely between you and your Creator, because whether you want to or not, Scripture states that all will bend the knee and proclaim that Jesus is Lord!
    The second thing on my mind today, is the auto bailout.  I wholeheartedly agree that the American auto industry going belly up would be a terrible thing for the country.  The shutting down of any major industry would never be a good thing in a country that is built on industry.  However, as I was listening to Rick and Bubba this morning they pointed out that yes we could give the auto makers all this money, and they could retool and do whatever, but that still leave everybody with no more money to go out and buy a car. Which that is the crux of the problem as I understand it, people aren't buying their cars. Of course that begs the question are they making cars that anyone wants to buy? I don't know. We are partial to Toyota and Honda in my house, because that is what we have and they have been good vehicles, and hopefully will continue to be for quite some time!
    Also, they mentioned a church, I believe in Michigan. That was committing to pray for the auto industry until the government comes to terms on a bailout.  That in of itself if fine, I don't think there is anything wrong with praying for the auto industry.  You can never, ever go wrong by spending more time in prayer.  However, the problem is the church brought in a car from each of the big three, albeit I think all hybrids or at least supposedly gas saving vehicles.  And then proceeded to talk about the cars the whole service as opposed to the Savior, so said the article they were referencing.  So Rick took the opportunity to preach alittle.  He went on to say that alot of preachers are shying away from John 16:33 and trying to put bandage on everything and trying to make everybody not feel so bad about the economy or whatever else. 
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
    He went on and spoke about Paul's example.  About someone who did everything he could to do what the Lord wanted him to do and still at the end of his ministry he found himself in a jail cell by himself urging Timothy to come see him before his time on earth was through.  The simple fact is we will have trouble, but we have the hope in Christ that He is coming back for His church, or if we are done before that, we will be with Him in Heaven, can't get any better than that! I do genuinely hope that the auto makers do get something worked out and don't go out of business.  
    Let us take time this Christmas season, to remember why and who we are celebrating and be thankful for what we do have.  Or on the other hand be thankful for that we don't have, because no matter how bad my health or other circumstances are it could always be worse, alot worse! Merry Christmas and GO GATORS!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Let us all give Thanks to God for what we have and for where we live.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag! your IT...

Well we got tagged on Mrs. Kim's blog today, so of course we have to respond, can't have someone throw down a gauntlet and not respond! Anyway, as her blog states we have to pick the fourth picture of the fourth folder on the computer and then explain it, so here goes....

      My requisite picture is actually a scan of a wedding picture! May 1, 2004 to be exact. Art Solomon from Dothan was the photog. We had such great weather that day and we grow to love each other more every day.
    We are now supposed to tag four other people, but I am not sure I know four other people who read our blog, much less four people who have blogs themselves. So,  if you fall into that category, that is read our blog and have a blog....consider yourself tagged.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Whew what a week...

It has been one of those weeks.. We haven't been that busy. I just haven't been feeling that great and I don't think Little M has been feeling good either :-( We have been slooooowly sorting through all our Christmas decorations, which is quite the task, I think we have more Christmas stuff than anything else!  Anyway it has been good especially considering, due to our circumstances we didn't even unbox our stuff last year, so that plus a new baby makes this year extra special and exciting.
    We got a good report from the pediatrician, as usual.  Little M is now 26 inches tall and 17.6 lbs. The doctor says she is healthy and that is what is most important in my book.  She got another round of shots yesterday, which I am sure doesn't make her feel any better, but she seemed to handle them well.  However,
I can't seem to be able to put her down today.  "The only place she seems happy is in her daddy's lap.  I don't really mind much at all, but it sure does make it even harder to get anything housework done or much of anything else. I had been planning on trying out a new recipe today, oh well maybe next week. We will post some holiday pictures when we get  everything straightened out...might take a little while longer!
Here is little M all ready to go to Dothan. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

6 Months Old...Already!

Yep, today is a big day, Little M turns six months today. Seems like yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital. She also seems to change almost everyday now. She is squirming all around, not quite crawling yet, but she seems to like being on her stomach a little better now. When we are out at stores she helps us shop by grabbing everything that she can get a hold of. She still pretty much only laughs at the dog as he runs his usual circuit around the house. Still no hair, well it is starting to grow....slowly. She sure loves attention. She eats two meals at her highchair now. She likes most of the vegetables we have given her and hopefully she will get to like peas. We go to the doctor this next week..yea more shots.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Over at the craft table...

Well I made these in the living room. Anyway, if you know anything about buying bows for little girls you know that they can be quite pricey! When we paid more than $5 for a no-slippie hair clippie, I thought to myself.....self we can make something like this.  The whole while Tiff was talking about us making them, but I never got around to doing it till this past weekend.  Here is the first one, hopefully in a line of many, many more. Now, this didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it too, but i figure...Davinci probably didn't create a masterpiece when he first touched his brush to canvas!

Here is Little M modeling my first bow, she does a good job;-) 
Here is Little M with one of her favorite toys, couldn't help but share this one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We salute and support of veterans

I am very proud to live in a free country and I realize that my freedom isn't free.  Today, especially we salute our Veterans who have fought, bled and given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for our freedom. 
THANK YOU for your service to our country.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Little M's First Parade

This past Friday was Homecoming here in our little town and that means a Parade! I have always loved parades, at least as far back as I can remember.  I still like watching the ones that come on TV, but nothing beats actually being there.  I felt pretty good and with Pat Pat's help we took Little M out to the Parade where we met Tif and Papa Loyd.  As with the Fireworks the loud sirens from the firetrucks and police cars didn't bother M a bit!  We all had a good time, though I think M was more interested in her book than the parade.  She was just excited to be outside and around a bunch of people.
All of the floats in the parade were good. However, this one was our favorite, we hope it won!