Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall is in the air

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful! Several days this week we have gone outside and played with Maggie and Cole after work. Maggie loves to be outside and likes to watch Cole run around even more. Here are a couple of pictures we took Thursday. The colors aren't great, but we love them anyway.

She liked playing with her glasses much better than she liked wearing them.

Maggie is sleeping in her crib now. She might wake up once during the night, but we can usually just put her passy back in her mouth and she will go back to sleep. Here is a picture of her in her crib.

We also took some pictures before church Wednesday night.

Yet another example of her putting everything in her mouth. She has started to suck her thumb at times. Any suggestions on how to help this not become a habit?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall + Football=Fabulous

Every year when the weather starts to take a turn cooler and crisp, I get excited. Not only because we finally get some relief from another sweltering summer, but football, the best sport around, returns to my tv! I think I get even more excited every year. Now don't get me wrong, football is not the only thing that comes on my tv in the fall, but we usually do watch it all day on Saturdays and maybe the occasional Thursday if there are some good teams playing.
This year is no exception, my favorite team happens to be the University of Florida is doing quite well. I can remember the first Gator football I watched. I was with one of my good friends from the Baptist College of Florida, Mr. G. Williams, they were playing Miami and even though they lost that game, I knew I was hooked. Course, it didn't hurt matters that a certain young lady that I had my eye on was attending and I was getting closer and closer to graduating and had to decide where I wanted to continue my education. I still think moving to Gainesville was one of the best moves I have ever made and in fact, I still miss living there. Unfortunately, circumstances never got worked out for me to matriculate at UF myself, maybe it will be an option in the future, who knows what the Lord has in store for my family.
Right now we are watching the Florida State vs. Wake Forest, let be known I hold no ill will toward the Seminoles, unless of course they are playing the Gators, but I think in this present game Florida State is ready to give the game away and Wake Forest seems determined to lose anyway. At least the LSU vs. Auburn game is on, which is a pretty good match-up, last year's game had one of the craziest plays I have ever seen in a game: the clock was about to run down and LSU threw up a prayer in the back corner of the end zone and the receiver just happened to catch the ball, simply crazy, without that play LSU wouldn't have gone to the National Championship!
And yes Fall also means a good crop of birthdays in our family. We have already celebrated Tiff in Sept, then both our dads have birthdays in October and yours truly is on the 11th of October! Yep this year is a big one, Thirty. Some people whine and moan, some people don't give it much thought, me I am just happy the Lord has given me one more year...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 months

Yesterday Maggie was four months old! Wow, it has sure gone by fast. She has changed in so many ways. She is sitting up now and loves to look at everything. She puts everything into her mouth. She has become very aware of Cole and has actually grabbed a hold of his fur several times. He is not to crazy about that - and has actually started keep a pretty wide berth. Maggie rolls over from her back to her belly all of the time, but then gets mad because she hasn't quite figured out how to roll back over. We are having so much fun with her - and are enjoying every minute! She still doesn't like to wear socks or shoes, however, yesterday it was a bit cool, so we put on her first pair of pants and jacket. As you can see, the jacket is a little bit big still (so are the pants), but she will grow into them soon enough I am sure.

We had to take her to the doctor on Monday because we were worried about how congested she was. She weighes 15 pounds and 9 ounces. They didn't measure her, but I am sure they will do that when we go for her 4 month appointment in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few more pictures of the wee ones!

Here are a few more pictures from Funnymaker's birthday party. The one of Kar-Kar is one of my favorites from the weekend, we are so proud of them both and love them very much.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nephew Funnymaker

A couple weeks ago we got together with Tif's brother Kris to celebrate his older boy's birthday! He just turned three and believe you me, he is full of energy. He is really sweet and loves his younger brother and his new cousin Maggs. Here are a couple pictures from the weekend.