Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 months

Yesterday Maggie was four months old! Wow, it has sure gone by fast. She has changed in so many ways. She is sitting up now and loves to look at everything. She puts everything into her mouth. She has become very aware of Cole and has actually grabbed a hold of his fur several times. He is not to crazy about that - and has actually started keep a pretty wide berth. Maggie rolls over from her back to her belly all of the time, but then gets mad because she hasn't quite figured out how to roll back over. We are having so much fun with her - and are enjoying every minute! She still doesn't like to wear socks or shoes, however, yesterday it was a bit cool, so we put on her first pair of pants and jacket. As you can see, the jacket is a little bit big still (so are the pants), but she will grow into them soon enough I am sure.

We had to take her to the doctor on Monday because we were worried about how congested she was. She weighes 15 pounds and 9 ounces. They didn't measure her, but I am sure they will do that when we go for her 4 month appointment in a couple of weeks.


socialchick said...

glad to see that you have a blog. Yea where was I for the cool weather? lol! Nice meeting you at the meeting the other night.

Kim Guettler said...