Wednesday, June 17, 2009

13 Whole Months....

Well I am a day late, Little M's Thirteenth month was actually celebrated yesterday, but I just didn't get around to sitting in front of the computer much yesterday. We went to the Dr. for her year old check-up, they were waiting for a vaccination to come in or some such. She weighed in at 22Lbs 10 Oz and measures 29 inches tall. The doctor was very pleased, as usual, with her progress and said she looks really good. She still is not eating very well, she used to eat pretty much anything that we sat in front of her, but since she got sick with a common virus that causes mouth sores, she has become quite a picky eater. Tiff is convinced it has everything to do with texture, I just think she is picky. She also tends to eat different things for different people, Tiff can get her to eat things that I can't and apparently the ladies at VBS can get her to eat monkey bread which no one else can, in fact when we give her any bread of any sort she spits it out and gives us the stink eye. We are beginning to doubt  that she is in fact our child.
Little M is starting to toddle around a little bit. She really picked it up yesterday, which was surprising because she seemed a bit fussy all morning, due to the shots from the doctor. She has cruised around for a while now, but yesterday she took about 8 or 10 steps and would cross the room from Tiff to me or vice versa. I still can't wait to see her chasing the dog around the house, I don't think he realizes the storm that is on the horizon, but I think he will catch on pretty quick. He has started to warm up to her more, he used to run from her, but now that he has figured out that she is pretty free with her food they have become pretty good friends.
She hasn't really started talking yet, she does still jibber jabber a good bit, especially when she is in a quiet place, or when she can hear alittle bit of an echo, or especially when we need her to be quiet, funny how that usually works out. Little M and I have both enjoyed having mom home more, since it is the summer, however, she did work a good bit last week and this week is Bible School, still nice and hopefully soon it will start raining in the afternoons. We have had "dangerously" hot weather the past couple of days, "with no end to the heat", its a rough forecast, but at least we have been at church a good bit. Yesterday we went to walcharts just to get out of the house, which that should give you a good estimation of our desperation, much to our chagrin it wasn't all that cool in there either!
We have been pretty busy with our other projects, in fact I have a second load of cupcakes in the oven now for VBS tomorrow, just in case it wasn't hot enough already, I might have even been able to bake them without even turning the oven on, just set the pan out in the yard, hmm might have to give that a go next time.


ebworley said...

Goooood post! I like reading the Clifton "goings on".
It's amazing how I find a minute to read AND enjoy my usual blogs, but I just can't seem to carve out enough time to post something on my own! Aaaaa! I can't believe it's been a whole month already! *sigh*
Oh, well. Keep me inspired with yours. Glad ya'll are having a good family summer.

Kristina said...

I bet Maggie and Eva would have so much fun together now that Eva is crawling! You know...Eva ate SO WELL for the ladies at VBS. They were convinced she was starving because she ate so fast for them and seemed to be looking for more when her food was gone! I sent the usual amount she eats for me but she was a good eater for them! Need I mention that they wanted to feed her everything they were eating too, but I said no! Hope you guys can come to visit soon!