Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Over at the craft table...

Well I made these in the living room. Anyway, if you know anything about buying bows for little girls you know that they can be quite pricey! When we paid more than $5 for a no-slippie hair clippie, I thought to myself.....self we can make something like this.  The whole while Tiff was talking about us making them, but I never got around to doing it till this past weekend.  Here is the first one, hopefully in a line of many, many more. Now, this didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it too, but i figure...Davinci probably didn't create a masterpiece when he first touched his brush to canvas!

Here is Little M modeling my first bow, she does a good job;-) 
Here is Little M with one of her favorite toys, couldn't help but share this one.


Scrapper26 said...

I love the hairbow. I might have to get some pointers! :)

ebworley said...

I think the bow turned out GREAT! I know exactly what you mean about the price of them too. It's rediculous. Let me know if you start selling them. I have a friend who would gladly buy some, I'm sure!