Friday, November 21, 2008

Whew what a week...

It has been one of those weeks.. We haven't been that busy. I just haven't been feeling that great and I don't think Little M has been feeling good either :-( We have been slooooowly sorting through all our Christmas decorations, which is quite the task, I think we have more Christmas stuff than anything else!  Anyway it has been good especially considering, due to our circumstances we didn't even unbox our stuff last year, so that plus a new baby makes this year extra special and exciting.
    We got a good report from the pediatrician, as usual.  Little M is now 26 inches tall and 17.6 lbs. The doctor says she is healthy and that is what is most important in my book.  She got another round of shots yesterday, which I am sure doesn't make her feel any better, but she seemed to handle them well.  However,
I can't seem to be able to put her down today.  "The only place she seems happy is in her daddy's lap.  I don't really mind much at all, but it sure does make it even harder to get anything housework done or much of anything else. I had been planning on trying out a new recipe today, oh well maybe next week. We will post some holiday pictures when we get  everything straightened out...might take a little while longer!
Here is little M all ready to go to Dothan. 


Kim said...

Can she get even prettier than she is right now? OMGoodness, she is gorgeous!!

ebworley said...

She is SUCH a cutie! And......ain't nuthin' wrong with bein' a Daddy's girl!!!