Monday, October 27, 2008

Look what I made.

Well the other day when the fabulous Mrs. K took our pictures I complemented her on the strap cover she had.  She said Nancy made it for her, and I think I remember seeing a picture of it on either her blog or Mrs. K's and I thought to myself.....self you can make something like that. It took me a while, but as I am not mobile these days and I get tired of staring at the computer, it is fine, just need to get our sewing machine figured out... I tried to use mama's (she has the same model) when we lived with them, and it gave me fits, but since she is helping me with the baby, I think I will get it out and see if we can make sense of it..
 So this is actually the second try at it, the first I didn't take into account the need to leave room for the strap to slide in and out of...but anyway, I am pleased with it and I took it out for a short run this afternoon!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Sewng??? I can't even do that! Too much talent going on at y'all's house!!