Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where did those come from?

Pure and simple craziness.  Little M has not one....but two teeth! Ever since they broke through a couple days ago we have been trying to get pictures, but she is not very cooperative and usually sticks her tongue out when we have tried to open her mouth with our fingers.  I was just lucky and got this one yesterday, you can just barely see them, but they are definitely there and I think they are getting bigger every day!  I can let her gnaw on my fingers like I used to anymore, because it sure hurts when she crunches down with her new teeth.  And oh yeah, she isn't even 6 months yet!
I was just thumbing through our pictures and happened upon this one, she obviously isn't as happy in this picture and I think Tiffany might have been the one with the camera, as this was taken either the day we came home or maybe even the day before... I am too tired to look at the exif data to see when it was taken, but anyway, you can see her little chompers in this one too.

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Kim said...

I see them. She is precious. Loved her shoes last night!!