Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our latest cakes

Last week was pretty busy, and well for that matter this week hasn't been any slower. We somehow managed to get three cakes done last week. The first one was for a wedding shower and the last two are for birthdays. We had a great time working on them, albeit a bit stressful at times. We just want to do the best job that we possibly can on each and every one of our cakes. This week is of course testing week here in sunny, warm Florida so we have been making some treats for Tiff's teachers, sorry no pictures. Tuesday was chocolate chip cookies, a new recipe, Wednesday was the vanilla sweet buns, I think they turned out even better this time and today was mini red velvet cupcakes. I tried a new icing recipe, that was pretty tricky to make, but I think it turned out well and as I am told they were a hit. Anyway, back to the cakes, I was hoping to get these posted earlier in the week, but I have been a bit busy with making teacher treats, combined with spending less and less time in front of the computer. It has been much too nice outside!

This is the wedding shower cake, white cake covered with buttercream. The flowers and ribbon are fondant. We had high humidity last weekend, not to mention stinkin butt cold temps. Humidity is no friend of cake but we were still pleased with this one.
This cake was our first birthday cake of the week. It is probably my favorite cake that we have made so far, I was and am still very pleased with how it turned out. It is white birthday cake covered with fondant and the circles are all fondant as well.
This was our last cake of the week. It is white birthday cake covered with chocolate buttercream, which we tried a new recipe, because I don't like just adding chocolate powder to vanilla icing. It works a bit different from our white icing, but we just have to learn how to work with it, like I said it tasted great. The flowers are made with royal icing.
We had a great time doing the cakes, it did make for a busy week, but we really enjoy it and are always happy to make cakes and confections.
After the cakes were finished we were all tired out. None more so than this little one.


Kris said...

Amazing, simply amazing!

Kim said...

Great job on all the cakes. I'm amazed at the talent that you have.
Thanks for always being so willing to make cakes for us anytime we ask.
Your family is so special to us.