Monday, November 3, 2008

Back to the Doctor

    Just figured I would edit the previous post as opposed to create a new one. We did get a good report from the Dr. He took out the drain, which, while maybe not quite as bad as taking out the ones from the last surgery, still pretty bad!  I wouldn't recommend it! We are all pretty tired, it's quite a drive to Gainesville, but we are glad we got a good report and had a safe trip. 

    Well today we go back to the doctor.  Hard to believe it has been almost two weeks since the last surgery!
I haven't been feeling so great the past couple of days, so that is a worry.  Unfortunately, feeling not so great has been the norm for close to two years now. On a positive note, hopefully the doctor will remove the drain tomorrow! I remember when they took them out for the last surgery and I felt like a new man after they were gone, so I am hoping having them removed will produce the same or similar, at least, effect.  Everybody else in the family seems to be doing well, Little M always seems to be a bit more ill on Sundays, but I think that is because her schedule is all out of kilter with going to church, but hopefully that will get better as time passes.
    Also, I have been able to get up and do more, we have even gone to town a time or two, however, that may be contributing to my current state of not feeling well, who knows.  Though I much rather have gotten out of the house than have stayed cooped up, cabin fever is pretty rough, blah....
    Hopefully, we get a good report and even better, be wearing less plastic jewelry on my side!


Kim said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I will continue to pray and hope that things will be better.
Y'all be safe.

ebworley said...

I'm praying you through this, J. Always remember that His timing is perfect and He is wanting you to get closer to Him through this. Also remember to be thankful in ALL things. Be thankful you're still here for your adorable family, even though you don't feel 100%. Run to Him, he's there to love you and heal you!

I'll keep you in my daily prayers,