Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good news..

I am most happy to report that I got back home yesterday. I finally convinced the doctor to let me out of the hospital! I am still a good ways away from what is considered 'normal' or regular for me, but at least I am no longer confined to the hospital. The trend usually is, I start recovering in the hospital and then I have to recover from being in the hospital once I get home. I have always laughed that they constantly tell you to rest, but then wake you up every four to six hours to check your blood pressure and temperature! Also, I think it upsets the apple cart when you doctor changes, because I think that every doctor has their own course of treatment and I suspect that that if they read your chart at all, they don't read it well or concern themselves with what other doctors and nurses have previously written, if nothing else, they ask you the same tired questions that you have been asked countless times before in your stay, ack! However, as much as I complain about it and assert it is not a perfect system, it sure beats no healthcare and definitely government controlled healthcare! I appreciate all your thought and prayers. Since the baby is laying down, I think I will as well.


Kris said...

Well I won't make a comment about you being normal (or lack thereof), I mean look who you married. I am glad to see that they let you go, and that you are feeling better.

ebworley said...

Glad you're back on your own stomping ground again. That, in itself, should make you feel much better!