Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Scene from a new movie...

This past weekend we got to go see one of the new movies that came out this year around the holidays. This one was not a holiday movie, actually it was quite emotionally heavy, but I thought it was really good. Now it did have a couple themes that were not the greatest. What it did have was one of the best representations of salvation that I have ever seen in a secular movie from liberal hollywood. I will try to be as comprehensive without giving away which movie it was. The scene was about halfway or so through the movie and it starts out with the main character going to a social worker to find someone who needs some help. At first our character is asked why he is doing this, but then he does get a name. This lady in need of help is in an abusive relationship and has two small children. The main character seeks her out and finds here in a just the spot that was described to him. The house was dirty and was surrounded by never-do wells. The main character who is a gentlemen explains to the lady that he is there to help her and promises to get her out of her situation and to a beautiful place where she can start again. At first the lady is confused about why our character is trying to help her and then turns to denial and anger. The first part of the scene ends with the lady refusing any help and kicking the main character out of her house and seemingly her life. The gentleman did leave his card and instructed the lady to seek him out if she did decide that her situation was too much. The movie leaves the scene for a while, but then when I least expected it, the main character gets a call and it turns out to be the lady. Apparently she has hit rock bottom. She is calling him from a public phone outside of a laundry mat, in the middle of a rain storm at night. When the gentleman arrives we see that the lady has some fresh marks on her face, cuts and a couple bruises. The gentleman instructs her to drive north, gives her directions and tells her to take the gift and make a new start and hands her an envelope. When she reaches her destination she finds a beautiful house and we find out that the envelope contained a deed to said house. The scene ends with the lady enjoying a sunny day with her two children.
No, it is not a perfect symbol, but I think it is pretty good. Jesus seeks out while we are still mired in sin. Sometimes we fight that call, because we happen to like where we are, we think sin is fun. However, we find that fun to be very fleeting and then we hit rock bottom. There is no where left for us to go but to the one who sought us out. All we have to do is stop fighting and let Christ do all the work.
The idea hit me like a ton of bricks at the end of the scene and I have meant to post about it, but I have had a list of other things to do. It was a heavy movie, you won't be in a happy-go-lucky mood at the end, but I think it was one of the better movies I have seen in a while.

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