Friday, January 30, 2009

Randomosity.. or some such

We got tagged on 7 Chicks, so I will attempt to post twenty five random things, which I guess is what the tag is about..... who knows?
1. I am tired.
2. I think the whole family, including the dog, is glad today is Friday.
3. This Wife Swap show is terrible, whatever happened to T.G.I.F.?
4. Supper was pretty good this evening, burger on the Foreman and pan-fried potatoes with salad.
5. Did I mention this Wife-Swap show is terrible.... the guy just taked about a swapped mom defecating on his children's dreams..terrible... where is the remote, there has to be something better on.
6. The baby is crying, because she is sooooooooo tired, I bet if she would just lay down she would fall asleep.
7. Sleep sounds good, it will be another early night tonight.
8. I am not sure if Wal-Mart could have been any more crowded this evening...we really should have gone yesterday evening.
9. I am sad that the government thinks it can solve the economy by spending money is doesn't have.
10. We got engaged at the fort in St. Augustine.
11. I hate cleaning the house, but I can't stand it, if it is a mess.
12. I really enjoy cooking and I wish I had taken it up a long, long time ago.
13. I wish the doctors would listen to me more instead of always looking at the numbers and test results.
14. I had a good Dr. visit and I couldn't be happier with my numbers.. doesn't make the pain or sick feeling go aways though.
15. Being a dad is tough sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it, far too late now anyway.
16. I really like to read, definitely a form of escape.
17. I wonder when the last time the groundhog didn't see his shadow....let it be this year!!
18. I hope this recipe for wheat bread turns out.. the first one.. not so much.
19. I really like living in a bigger city, though the small town isn't that bad, I just get really frustrated when I can't find ingredients for something I want to cook locally. That Really does frustrate me.
20. I am bit bummed that Flashpoint is a re-run tonight, I don't watch many regular tv shows, but that one is really good.
21. When I was in college at BCF I once rode my bicycle from Graceville to Panama City.
22. I like to see the mountains, but I love the beach.
23. I quite enjoy a good movie, comic book movies are the best.
24. I am all for taking care of the planet and being a good steward, but I am tired of the 'global warming' farce.
25. I sure am glad I am married to a wonderful lady who puts up with me.

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socialchick said...

I loveed TGIF! We need to back to so of those good old shows!