Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We decided to make some small cakes for the wonderful ladies that keep the nursery on Wensday nights at church. I figured, hey three inch cakes, no problem, it would even give me a bit of practice on some things I have been working on. Anyway, the project turned out to be a little bit more labor intensive, I even had to call in re-enforcements on Wensdays in order to get finished. They were alot of fun to make and I hope the ladies enjoyed their pre-Valentine treats.


Kim said...

These are too precious!! I know they loved them.

Lee Ann said...

Absolutely adorable!

ebworley said...

How "Sweet"!

I can't wait to taste one of your cakes. They all look so adorable and delicious!

Pam Griggs said...

They were WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for that nice treat! And mostly for sharing your "little" one with us on Wednesday nights!! She is a very special TREAT!!!!
Love, Pam