Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Latest Cake- Meet Spongebob

I am just not getting around to posting our latest cake. I haven't been feeling that great this week and Little M has been running me ragged, which is only guaranteed to get worse! Anyway the order was Spongebob, now admittidly I am not very familiar with said cartoon character. I think it falls into that 'gross' cartoon category, which most new ones do. Whatever happen to Bugs and GI Joe? My idea of a good cartoon is a crazy gun toting hunter chasing a rabbit to the soundtrack of Vivaldi. That said, I have a little bit of Spongbob and I am at least vaguely familiar with all the characters.
We did have fun with this cake and I think it came together quite well. The cake itself was our white cake with buttercream frosting. We used a good bit of fondant on Spongebob, but it would have been rather difficult to get the look we wanted without using it. However, I do make my own fondant, I don't like the marshmellow stuff and Wilton is just terrible, I also find it is much easier to roll out and use, that and I can control alot of what we use in it to talior it to our need. We understand it was just what the birthday boy wanted and we are very pleased he liked it so well.


Kim said...

He did LOVE it!! Thanks so much for making it for him. He was one happy 4 year old.

Thanks again!!

P.S. He isn't allowed to watch Spongebob at my house. LOL.

Aunt Kim

ebworley said...

I think this cake was AWESOME! You did a perfect job. Maybe one day I'll get to taste one of your cakes.

How in the world do you "make" fondant?! Ya'll are awesome.

singerchik said...

Mr. Spongebob turned out super cute! Great job!!